Ranger Moss Removal

Our Green Initiative

When researching ways to make our business better we realized that a lot of common practices in all industries are seriously polluting the environment. This is not leaving the kind of world we wish to pass on to future generations. Our customers can rest assured that we make every effort to operate our business in an environmentally responsible fashion. From the products we use to recycling the packaging they come in to using a more fuel efficient work van. We will continue to keep this one of our top priorities.

The active ingredient in the roof cleaning product we use is hydrogen peroxide which is 100% environmentally friendly. There is no need to worry about plant health or even wetting down foliage before and after treatment like some "eco-friendly" products require. For this reason we do not work with stronger moss killers such as zinc sulphate, bleach and TSP. Zinc sulphate is an excellent example of a product that has been used relatively safely for years yet is responsible for serious repercussions to the environment such as those outlined in this Times Colonist article. The effectiveness of our roof treatments is our top priority, however sustainability is an absolute must!

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