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Ranger Industries Moss Removal /  Roof Treatment

Ranger Moss Removal / Roof Treatment
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Our Goal

Let us increase the life of your roof with an environmentally responsible roof treatment. Roof moss, algae and lichen are a common problem on the west coast, particularly on the north side of roofs. If left untreated moss retains water. It will deteriorate your shingles and destroy the integrity of your roof. Our goal as roof cleaning and maintenance specialists is to preserve the roof you have for years to come, saving you thousands on the cost of replacement. A quality, properly maintained roof can far exceed its expected life. Plus it looks great!

Our Method

Our non abrasive process involves the use of brushes and hand tools to detach the moss. Roof and gutters are cleaned then an eco friendly,  biodegradable roof treatment is applied to neutralize the organic material living in the cracks. Your roof is moss free and looks great before we give you the bill!

Things we've learned from our customers.

1)  We do not power wash, and we don't like this method of roof cleaning. Contact any shingle manufacturer and ask them what they think. In fact our liability insurer insists that I can't even own a power washer. We have seen the destruction first hand. 

2) If your thinking of hiring someone to tackle your moss, check out the Better Business Bureau website or give them a call to see if there are any red flags. You can find us on there with an A+ rating.

3) Never give someone money until the job is completed and you are satisfied. If their asking for money upfront you may never see them again. Unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people out there. 

4) Zinc strips do not work for more than a foot or 2 past the strip if they work at all.  We do not install them, but get asked to remove them often. Each nail hole requires a roof repair. 

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Ranger Industries Moss Removal / Roof Treatment

(250) 661-2241